Join The Jungle Ranger in this brand new private members Animal Club..

The Jungle Rangers Animal Club is the best way to stay connected to The Jungle Hut and our amazing animals, as it provides insight and behind the scenes vision into 'Life at The Jungle Hut'. With updates on our rescued animals,activities to complete and an in-depth look at all our future projects, The Jungle Rangers Animal Club is the ultimate video hub for all wildlife enthusiasts.


Just £10 per 2 months access* Recive unrestricted access to The Jungle Rangers Animal Club and receive a I'm a Jungle Hut Supporter certificate when you first join. Woo-hoo!

Each week, access pre recorded sessions where you will get to meet the animals, learn about their indigenous habitat, diet and predators.  Viewers get behind the scenes access and weekly updates from “life at the Jungle Hut”, giving them unique insight into what it’s like working with and caring for rescue animals.  



Behind the Scenes

There are weekly updates from 'life in the jungle hut' with behind the scenes photos, pre recorded videos (such as  bath time with some of our animals) and videos giving you a unique insight into living with our animals and design to building new enclosures.  

Animal Focus

Occasionally we will focus on a new animal species and these are introduced with an educational video discussing all the aspects of that particular animal's life including natural habitat, diet, predators and how they were introduced to The Jungle Hut. Each video is uploaded into the private group so you can access the content any time that suits you.  



* Receive early information on upcoming events and attractions that we are         organising or attending.

* Be apart of our competitions and giveaways.

* Access to our very own members only ANIMAL CLUB merchandise shop

(Opening soon).

Your monthly subscription also ​Sponsors the animals at the jungle hut:

With this donation you are supporting the animals at The Jungle Hut. This money goes towards everything that they will need including food, vet care, enrichment and all other costs involved. When you first join our club you will receive a Professional illustrated I'm a Jungle Hut Supporter certificate as proof of  your support.​


Animal Club payment of £10 per household (for 2 months = £1.25p a week)

Animal Club payment of £15 per household (for 4 months = £0.93p a week)

Animal Club payment of £20 per household (for 6 months = £0.83p a week)

Animal Club payment of £25 per household (for 8 months = £0.78p a week)

Animal Club payment of £30 per household (for 10 months = £0.75p a week)

Animal Club payment of £35 per household (for 12 months = £0.72p a week)

All you need to do is set up your members login details and pay your one-off fee by clicking the posts below.

( You are able to join the club again after your package has suspended) 

Recorded Night time activities.

Occasionally you will be able to view  these recorded streams offering you the unique opportunity to witness interesting activities some of our animals get upto once the lights go out..


Educational activities.

 You will be able to download and complete our

educational activities, fact sheets and so much more..