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Become a postcard Explorer with the amazing illustrated adventures of the

Jungle Ranger.. A fun one-off pack for children aged 4-10 to learn about the world's rainforests and its wildlife!


Give the gift that kids love..

Receive a professional illustrated postcard from The Jungle Ranger who's planning on travelling to different parts of the world and witnessing the amazing wildlife, he writes to your child from his jungle hut location.

encouraging the children to reply back with stories or drawings of their own wildlife adventures using the stationery provided, 



1. Place your order and we'll send you a email to purchase your one-off pack. first illustrated postcard from the jungle ranger, activity sheet, fact card and much more.

2. We will post out your pack with in 2-3 days of Purchase.

(Any delays we will email you.)


2. Receive Your one-off illustrated postcard and letter from the jungle ranger, with Educational activity sheets, fact card and some extra activities to keep your child occupied during this worrying time. 

              Your child receives the first illustrated postcard from our character The     Jungle Ranger who is planning his adventures - In this pack learn about the world's rainforest and its amazing wildlife. The Jungle Ranger always encourages his Explorers to engage with him

by sending in stories or drawings of their own wildlife adventures

using the stationery provided, and they could be in the chance to win a gift.

This One-off postcard explorer Pack is £5.99 per pack (suitable for 1 child)

 including delivery.



The very first Professional illustrated postcard of The Ranger planning his adventures, Educational activity sheets, fact card about the world's rainforests, Colouring activity sheet and a few other activities to keep the children occupied during this worrying time.


Children love receiving their very own mail addressed to them. Watch how excited they get when the postman arrives!

If your child enjoys this One-Off postcard explorer pack, you can sign up to the monthly subscription pack and follow the jungle ranger on some amazing illustrated adventures around the world..
Once you subscribe your child will receive their very own explorer carry folder, Large world map and star stickers with their next postcard.. 

First Packs to be sent from Monday 23rd March

One-off Postcard Explorer pack
Become a one-off Postcard Explorer
Subscribers Form

The Jungle Ranger

Explorer Education Pack

Become a explorer

Join the amazing illustrated adventure of The Jungle Ranger on his travels,This is a one off activity pack put together for the Covid-19 Virus home educate for you to enjoy!


If you enjoy this one off pack subscribe to our monthly adventure,wherever The Jungle Ranger is in the world he will keep in touch with his little explorers and tell them all about the amazing and wonderful things he is experiencing in each country. Through his letters and his amazing illustrated postcards, the subscription will introduce children to geography, history, culture, global effects and the world's wildlife, conservation and the importance of the rainforests. Posted out via snail mail every month.