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We cover all age groups, supporting the national curriculum as well as offering bespoke courses and workshops for different social groups from schools, cubs brownies and other educatonal groups.
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Educating about the natural world to improve the quality of our lives

Our goal is to raise money to help expand our Education and Conservation lodge (The Jungle Hut).

Inspiring children to be passionate and responsible conservationists has always been our aim and stimulating the next generation to fall in love with nature is essential and what we have always believed in. We are planning to expand our jungle education and conservation centre which immerse children and adults alike into this fascinating world, becoming an invaluable resource for everyone that interacts with us..

We have been researching to demonstrate that engaging children in an exciting and interactive way, produces a passion and understanding beyond what any textbook can reproduce. We are really excited to expand this educational centre and seeing the way children experience with in it and the animals will only inspire a passion.

The centre advertise all that is needed to understand about our worlds rainforest, the animals, plants and people that live within the amazing habitat. Along with all the information and talks there will be exotic rainforest animals  for people and children to interact with and learn about..

We are looking to raise money to help expand our educational centre ,but if anyone can help in other ways we would really appreciate it i.e have our free promotional material printed, building materials, interactive artifacts etc..

The Jungle Project need to rely on public donations and our own activities to raise funds to help progress our projects. We hope you can help us reach our goal to move forward with our Jungle Education & Conservation centre..

Thank you for taking the time to read about our project..