Here is a couple of answers to our most asked questions.

Even though you don't charge as much as other animal encounters I have come across why are animal encounter prices so high?

We are often asked why we don't charge as much as other animal handlers and why prices for animal handlers is so high. So...........
Even though we try to keep our prices down we like to still be able to provide an experience that children and adults will remember - unlike many handlers we provide an eye-catching interactive stand, we won't ask you to provide tables etc for us as well as paying us to come along to your event! Our experience also has the added extras that no other animal encounter supplies and we also have extened times. We bring everything we need to make your event memorable whether its being held in your home, in your garden, in a hall or even in the middle of a field!
We like to keep our prices down so we can provide an affordable experience handling animals that many children would otherwise not get a chance to ever come across in person. Though our prices are half the price of many animal encounters people still question the price...what needs understanding is even though we are only with you for 2+ hours, it will have taken us many hours before we even get to you to settle the animals into their travel homes and load them into our vehicle. Then when we get home we have to carefully place all the animals back into their enclosures and clean out all of the travel homes! 
Our animals all vary in their needs but every animal we own is handled daily, has daily interaction with us at home, they all have different needs and different diets.  Some of our animals require specialist foods, fresh fruit and vegetables, live foods etc on a daily basis which proves costly. They all require suppliments such as calcium etc, the majority require heating - bulbs are replaced often! They all have fresh bedding etc. We have insurances to pay, animal performance licence......the list continues. 
It takes us around 3 hours per morning to feed and clean out our animals. Some are also fed on an evening. Then we spend extra time with each of them so they get daily interaction. 
So as you can see it isn't just a case of turning up, going home and thats it! Our animals take up all our time each and every day but we wouldn't change a minute of it! Our animals health and well being is the most important thing to us here. We love sharing our amazing, beautiful, weird and wonderful animals with you and letting you all get a little taste of each of their quirky and sometimes cheeky personalities and hopefully learn more about them and love them as much as all of us at The Jungle Ranger do..... :-)
We usually arrive at shows approximately 60 mins before to set up, we can easily set up in this time, provided we have parking close by (as requested in the booking terms and conditions). 
Yes, a risk assessment is included (at no extra cost) on request.
Yes our presenter is DBS checked. (Formally CRB check).
Yes we hold a public liability insurance worth £5000000. (Insurance details can be provided on request).


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