A unique Christmas experience
The Jungle Hut


Come and celebrate Christmas with us at The Jungle Hut! 

For limited evenings throughout December come along

and have a very unique and one of a kind Christmas



Join The Jungle Ranger in the Christmas decorated

Jungle Hut, get up close and handle his beautiful animals

in front of the Christmas tree 🎄


Enjoy our Sustainable palm oil selected mince pies or

gingerbread man and a hot chocolate while the

Christmas songs play.... And then.....

A truly unique experience...


Meet the UK's first Animatronic Orangutan - Louie! 

Louie loves Christmas!! 

All children will also receive a Christmas gift

and Christmas card from Louie and the animals 🎄🦧


This is very different, unique and memorable Christmas experience!

Fridays 5pm til 6.30pm

Saturdays 5pm til 6.30pm


Please Note:

This is not a private session but we only have a maximum of 10 visitors per night.


Price: £15 per visitor, payment to be made on booking.