Obviously 2020 has been one hell of a year, and it’s unlikely that we will be hosting any educational wild experiences anytime soon, so we are trying all we can to keep funds coming in to support our animal care– but that said, we have started a Zoom encounter which means The Jungle Ranger can host a one jungle hut tour! in your lounge!!! This is a really fun Live encounter for the entire family or group to enjoy..

ZOOM is a FREE APP that you can download to any phone, tablet or computer which enables you to video chat with multiple people at the same time so everyone can see each other.


Any enquiries please contact us.

We are also offering a private 50 - 60 min ZOOM encounter for just your family and friends for £30 or a educational session for schools or after school groups for £50. 

please contact us for more information..

Get In Touch if you require more information for our zoom encounters.