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Darren, the founder of Jungle Education Project, The Jungle Rangers Jungle Hut and The Jungle Ranger Wild Experience spent most of his childhood surrounded with exotic animals, as his father captive bred exotic birds like Macaws, African greys etc, but it wasn't until his dad brought home a green iguana that it struck an interest in Darren, after that the love for these types of animals grew and Darren spent years collecting and researching reptiles and where they originate from and then from that grew a huge respect for the world's tropical rainforest..

Now using all his years of resource and exotic animal husbandry Darren has set out with The Jungle Ranger wild experience.

The Jungle Ranger offers a unique exotic animal experience. Unlike other animal encounters we don't just bring out a couple of animals and a lecture....we have over 20 species of our beautiful animals and we pride ourselves on giving our clients a superb value for money experience at the same time as educating in a fun and informal way about the Rainforest and its animals - something that we all at The Jungle Rangers Jungle Hut are very passionate about. We are firm believers that children learn more and learn quicker through a hands on experience rather than a textbook lesson.
On arrival to The Jungle Hut you will be welcomed by the themed dressed Jungle Ranger, along with an eye catching and impressive jungle cabin theme setup, it will make you feel as though you have been transported to the rainforest with our rainforest sound effects playing throughout the experience - something that we have found at the same time relaxes our animals and makes them feel at home.
For birthday parties we provide free printable invitations and also a gift for the birthday child. We also provide extras - please message us to find out more about our packages.

The Jungle Ranger is fully licensed, DBS(formerly CRB) checked, fully insured for upto £5 million and Risk Assessments are also available on request.


Please don't hesitate to contact us to discuss your requirements and we look forward to sharing our beautiful animals with you!


In the near future we are looking at starting a Non-Profit Organization that we hope will make a big difference in the understanding of conservation to our planet..

We are not a charity but we support and donate to a variety of charities in this field using funds raised through our projects, however The Jungle Projects need to rely on public donations and our own activities to raise funds to help progress our projects. We believe that teaching youngsters and adults alike about the importance of the world's rainforest, the animals and all that live within and use these amazing habitats, Is one of the most important things we can do for them and our planet.

We hope that reading this you can feel our passion, and we hope that if we can educate and inspire just one person we feel that we are doing our bit..

Thank you for taking the time to read this, and we hope to see you at one of our projects in the near future...

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