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Animals add something special, however nothing beats an up close and personal experience.

Children are naturally curious about the world – and we adults should be too!

At The Jungle Hut , It's the Jungle Rangers mission for children to see the natural world in new ways – ways that will amaze, educate and inspire.

Animals add something special to,  As you would expect at The Jungle Hut we are passionate about that – and it’s why we always go the extra mile to bring you real animal handling experiences in a relaxed and personal environment.

' Most people in the UK don't really care what is happening to wildlife and their habits half way across the world, because they can't see it, means it's not happening.. Up close and hands on education I think is one of the best forms of education. Let people see how colourful a chameleon is, how slow a tortoise moves and how many legs a millipede has..

To introduce and educate children and adults on these amazing animals and the habitats that they need to survive in can only help for our future in conservation..

We must invest time in our children,  they are our future ...... from little acorns mighty oak trees grow'

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