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At The Jungle Rangers Jungle Hut, our mission goes beyond the borders of our small reptile rescue sanctuary in Solihull, UK.

We are deeply committed to global conservation efforts, particularly in protecting the invaluable biodiversity of the Amazon rainforest.

Through our friendship with the Amazon Shelter in Peru, we aim to make a tangible difference in the preservation of this vital ecosystem.

Our collaboration with the Amazon Shelter is rooted in a shared passion for wildlife conservation and education. Through various initiatives, including educational workshops, fundraising events, and awareness campaigns, we strive to raise support and awareness for the critical work being done by Amazon Shelter.

From organising charity auctions to sponsoring rainforest-themed educational programs, every effort at The Jungle Rangers Jungle Hut is dedicated to supporting  Amazon Shelter's mission of protecting and rehabilitating the diverse wildlife of the Amazon rainforest.

Together, we believe that by fostering a sense of global environmental responsibility and inspiring action, we can make a positive impact on the future of the Amazon rainforest and its inhabitants. Join us in our mission to support the Amazon Shelter and preserve the wonders of the Amazon for generations to come.


Amazon Shelter.

A wild animal rehabilitation and release centre in Tambopata, Peru.

Amazon shelter has been rescuing wild animals in peru from habitat loss, hunting, mining and the illegal wildlife trade for over 18 years. each animal is lovingly rehabilitated and eventually released back into the wild.


Magali Salinas, founder of Amazon Shelter, wildlife hero and animal activist.

Amazon Shelter's Mission

Their is to be a voice for wildlife in the Amazon Rainforest. Due to logging, mining and deforestation many animals are captured, mistreated, or sold in the pet trade.  

Their mission is to protect and rehabilitate all animals that come into their care and to successfully reintroduce them back in the forest.

Everyone here at the shelter helps us to give wildlife a second chance at a life in the wild.


Magali and her team have had the success of rehabilitating and releasing hundreds of animals back into the forest for over the past 18 years and they strive to make each year more successful. 

In addition they have educated locals, tourists, students and beyond about the importance of wild animals and their natural habitats.

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