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We are thrilled to announce that we now have an Amazon Wish List! If you're looking for a way to support our cause and contribute to the well-being of our animals, this is a fantastic opportunity to do so.


How It Works

Our Amazon Wish List is filled with various items that are essential for enriching the lives of our animals and supporting the work of our dedicated Jungle Ranger. By purchasing an item from our list, you're not only providing our animals with the care they deserve but also helping us navigate through the rising costs associated with their well-being.


Why Your Support Matters

Every gift, no matter how big or small, makes a significant impact on the lives of our animals and the success of the jungle hut. Your generosity allows us to continue maintaining the high standards of care that our animals deserve, ensuring they lead happy and healthy lives.


How to Get Involved

Visit our Amazon Wish List today to browse through the items we need. Whether it's enrichment toys, essential supplies, or specialised equipment, your contribution will directly benefit our animal friends. Every purchase you make brings us one step closer to providing the best possible care for our animals.

Thank you for considering supporting us through our Amazon Wish List. 


Together, we can make a difference in the lives of our beloved rehoused and rescued animals.

Visit Our Amazon Wish List

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