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Ultimate Rainforest

Get ready to travel to the Rainforest with the ultimate rainforest roadshow, This roadshow is very educational for people of all ages, with live animals, Big screen visuals and stunningly realistic animatronic puppetry.

New for 2022

Our Rainforest Roadshow Workshops

Brings you a rainforest encounter like no other with a truly unforgettable experience.

More about the
Ultimate Rainforest

We have put together a unique educational workshop for 2022.


We have brought together The Jungle Ranger wild experience and Look,It’s Louie, to offer The Ultimate Rainforest Roadshow across the Uk. Our aim is to raise awareness of the issue of Global deforestation and the impact on biodiversity, with consideration of the iconic Orangutan and to empower young people to get involved in taking action.

This show is professionally presented and can be performed anywhere with enough room for our presentation stand and for our full size male Orangutan to move around. As well as the stunning animatronic Orangutan, we will bring a selection of real life jungle animals. For example: cockroaches, Scorpions, Spiders, Lizards, Snakes, Tortoise  that the audience can see and possibly  interact with. Our shows are great for schools, open days, carnivals, museums, shopping Centre’s and many more. With our ultimate Rainforest Roadshow we are happy to travel all over the UK.

Our presentation/displays  can be tailored to your specific needs, 

If you can support our project or would like to find out more about The Ultimate Rainforest roadshow please do not hesitate to contact us for further information.

About the
The Jungle Ranger
Wild Experience.

The Jungle Ranger wild experience  has been presenting animal encounters for many years, his presentations are designed to enhance peoples understanding of the many wildlife-themed subjects, all of which use a diverse selection of fantastic live exotic animals as their focus. providing the opportunity, wherever possible in relation to requirements, to touch or handle some of these animals; thereby experiencing them in a way in which they may never otherwise have the opportunity - literally bringing learning to life!

About the
Look,It's Louie.
The Orangutan

Meet Louie the larger than life orangutan and Interact with this beautiful great ape and give him a stroke or simply pose for a photo.


Louie is the Uk's first and original life size, realistic male Orangutan, Combining animatronics, wire puppetry, sounds and real performer, Look it’s Louie is a real to life walk about Male orangutang act, perfect for any event.


Louie’s aim is to promote public awareness through entertainment and to spread knowledge about the critically endangered orangutang and the threats to its future existence. His awareness raising efforts are 

Targeted both at the general public and children’s education.

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