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The Jungle Hut Experience

Here at THE JUNGLE RANGERS JUNGLE HUT, our passion for the wonders of the Rainforest knows no bounds! Nestled in the heart of the British countryside in Solihull, West Midlands, we are the UK's first Award-winning, self-funded, independent, family-run exotic reptile sanctuary.


Conservation-Focused Oasis:

Step into the tranquility of our sanctuary, where we prioritise pre-bookings to ensure a serene and unhurried experience. Unlike bustling public attractions, The Jungle Rangers Jungle Hut is a haven for those seeking a more intimate connection with nature.


Beyond the Ordinary:

We are more than just an exotic reptile sanctuary; we are a conservation-focused oasis. Our mission goes beyond showcasing the incredible diversity of reptiles and invertebrates; it's about inspiring a love for these magnificent creatures and fostering a commitment to conservation.


Therapeutic Encounters:

Believing in the therapeutic benefits of interacting with reptiles, we strive to create a relaxing and positive environment. Families can make cherished memories without the stress often associated with crowded venues. The Jungle Ranger, with a background in family entertainment, ensures every visit, party, and event is packed with excitement and fun.


Unforgettable Experiences:

From toddlers to teens and adults alike, everyone can join in the adventure. Our collection features snakes, tarantulas, monitor lizards, geckos, and more, providing captivating photo opportunities. Guided by our Jungle Ranger, you'll have the chance to get up close and personal with these amazing creatures, guaranteeing a fun and unforgettable experience during your visit or special occasion.


Join Our Conservation Journey:

Every visit to The Jungle Rangers Jungle Hut supports our commitment to wildlife conservation, making it not just an outing but a meaningful journey.

We'reWe committed to making a difference in the lives of reptiles in need. 

We're more than just an attraction: 

Did you know? We pride ourselves on our mission to rescue and rehome unwanted reptiles.  

Many of our scaly friends have found a safe haven here, where they're loved and cared for just like family. 


We believe in ethical practices. That's why we never purchase reptiles solely for visitor enjoyment. Instead, we focus on providing a loving environment for those in need of a second chance.


 Every creature deserves a chance to thrive, and we're dedicated to giving them that opportunity.

The Jungle Hut is becoming a popular attraction,
and our booking calendar is filling up quickly.
So don't wait to reserve your visit for a truly personal Jungle Hut adventure today.
These spots offer a unique and exclusive experience that you won't find anywhere else. 
Book now.
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All our visits are private family visits, we advise to book your visit because at times we can be very busy with Parties, private bookings and educational displays in and out of The Jungle Hut  this means that we are not always open, so when booking please look at your emails for confirmation of your booking..

Visitors arriving at the The Jungle Hut without a reservation will be refused entrance.


"We’ve done a lot of ‘animal experiences’ but they fade in comparison to the experience you give! From start to finish my son was made to feel super special with a cool birthday card, signed certificate and even some real skin as a souvenir! The expertise and passion for what you do is amazing Darren!! We can’t thank you enough for the personal, quality, unique and unforgettable experience you gave our Son. Such an amazing place to visit, I can’t recommend it enough. We already can’t wait to return!!"

"Love this place!

Our third time visiting! I think I enjoy it more then the kids!

The animals are so well cared for and the ranger is so lovely and very knowledgeable, we are planning our next trip in the six weeks holiday!

Thank you again x"


"The Jungle Hut is absolutely great! I came across this reviews page as booking my 4th(?) visit and just had to leave a review.. Having such a hands-on experience is something I've never found elsewhere. Darren is very knowledgeable on all the animals you meet, you can tell he genuinely loves what he does. He's has also rescued some of the animals, as they didn't have a great start to life which is great to see. The animals are cared for, happy, and very friendly, so this is a great place to take kids too. I could go on forever...if you get the chance - visit this place!! :)"

"We can’t thank Darren enough for such a wonderful family experience today at

the Jungle Hut !
Our 7 year old son who is passionate about reptiles had the absolute time of his life and it was so special to see him interact with Darren and have all his questions answered and get hands on with all the animals on offer.
A priceless experience and one we will definitely revisit soon !
Thank you again so very much!"

"Our 8 year old had her birthday party at the Jungle Hut and the response was from all the kids ‘this is the best party ever’.

 Highly recommend The Jungle Hut, Darren is so friendly and his love and passion for his animals shines through! 

Will definitely be back for another visit."

"Darren hosted my son's 6th birthday party this weekend and I have not stopped having compliments ever since from both the kids and their parents. He literally arranges everything. All I had to supply was the kids and the cake. This was our second time at the jungle hut as my son asked to go again for his party and I know it won't be the last. Controlling a room of 10 5-6yr old boys is no joke. But Darren was amazing. And his son did an excellent job of helping too. If you want a party with a difference or just want a 1 on 1 visit then this place is the place to go 😃"


"Another visit to this gem of a place. Darren is so knowledgeable and friendly and his enthusiasm and desire to pass this on to visitors is infectious."

"Wow! I can't say enough good things about The Jungle Hut and Darren. My son is such a huge reptile fan and Darren did everything to make the experience special for him. I think he summed it up well when we left and he said "this was my best day ever". I hope we can come back again soon!"


We're in the Regional Finals!

We're overwhelmed to announce that The Jungle Hut has made it to the Regional Finals of the Warwickshire and West Midlands Muddy Stilettos Awards 2024, in the FAMILY ATTRACTION category! Thank you to everyone who nominated and supported us!

We need your help again to be in line to win! Please vote for us again in the Finals, and don't forget to spread the word far and wide! 



Each person that visits The Jungle Hut actively helps towards the feeding and upkeep of our many rescued and rehoused animals.
We look forward
to meeting you very soon..

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We find ourselves rehoming many unwanted/neglected animals into our care as their forever home.

The Jungle Ranger and his family works tirelessly to ensure that each animal can find refuge and live contentedly in a naturalistic habitat with specialist care and attention.

We also help support endangered species with raising awareness of many exotic animals threatened with extinction. 

Your generous support allows us to continue our quest to help educate the younger generation on the amazing exotic wildlife!


Any donation to support us is really appreciated.

At The Jungle Rangers Jungle Hut , we believe in offering solace to those with scales etc, and that means a commitment to providing a permanent residence for each and every resident that comes under our care. We stand firm in our pledge – no reptile will ever be rehomed or moved on to anyone else. Instead, they will find sanctuary in our Jungle Hut for as long as they need.

While it is not in our nature to ask for donations, we recognise that the journey of caring for these incredible creatures comes with its financial demands. If you ever feel compelled to contribute, we have this donation tab, where 100% of your generous donation will be dedicated to the well-being of our reptilian residents. Every contribution goes towards ensuring they receive the love, care they deserve.


At Jungle Rangers Jungle Hut, we don't just provide a home for reptiles; we foster a community that values compassion, education, and the preservation of these magnificent creatures. Join us on this incredible journey, and together, let's make a positive impact on the lives of our scaly friends and inspire the next generation to appreciate and protect the wonders of the natural world. 

Caring for Reptiles, Together..

Welcome to our Reptile Rescue Sanctuary's donation page – your chance to transform lives and support our scaly friends!

Your donation is more than a contribution; it's a lifeline for these incredible creatures. Here's how your support matters:

*Optimal Care: Ensure top-notch living conditions, medical care, and nutrition for every reptile in our care.

*Emergency Aid: Your generosity helps us provide immediate medical attention in critical moments.

*Education & Conservation: Support our efforts to educate, advocate, and conserve reptile species.

*Helping with the running of our centre The Jungle Hut.


Join us in making a real impact, one donation at a time. Click the link below to donate and be a hero for reptiles in need.

Select donation amount

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Obviously 2020 was one hell of a year, and it’s unlikely that the world will be the same again, so we adapted the way we hosted our educational wild experiences, we started a Zoom encounter which means The Jungle Ranger can host his jungle hut tour! in your lounge! or class room!! This is a really fun Live encounter for the entire family or group to enjoy.. 

ZOOM is a FREE APP that you can download to any phone, tablet or computer which enables you to video chat with multiple people at the same time so everyone can see each other.


Now open we are still offering our  virtual encounters, as we find this a great opportunity for groups all over the world to experience our amazing animals.

Any enquiries please contact us.



Our parties are fun and educational, everybody gets a chance to get up close and personal with our animals and you're sure to have a wild time!


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The Orangutan

 Make a change from the usual and Hire an Orangutan for your event. Louie is the first realistic male Orangutan suit with animatronic facial expressions & sounds in the UK. 
The Orangutan Walkabout Act combining
animatronics with a performer, all operated from inside.

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Winner of a
Global Recognition Award 2023

Good news. Our judges have awarded you a Global Recognition Award.

The unearthing of innovative means to further wildlife conservation and education is a striking characteristic of The Jungle Rangers Jungle Hut. Based prominently in the West Midlands, UK, this establishment doesn’t merely operate as an organization. It manifests as a fusion of inventiveness, education, and staunch commitment to wildlife conservation, effortlessly marrying technology and creativity to accentuate their initiatives, thereby justifiably earning a 2023 Global Recognition Award. 

A Pinnacle of Recognition and Consistent Growth 
The Jungle Rangers Jungle Hut didn’t simply gain the spotlight but substantiated their caliber by being acclaimed by the Daily Mirror as one of the UK’s elite exotic animal attractions. This honor amplifies not merely their excellence but their substantial influence in wildlife conservation and education. In tandem with an admirable social media presence and a flourishing community of active followers, the organization has etched an indelible impact both locally and digitally. 

Sculpting a Legacy in Exotic Animal Conservation 
Widely acknowledged for impactful contributions to wildlife education and conservation, The Jungle Rangers Jungle Hut has not only fostered an appreciation for exotic creatures globally but has also been engaged in primary activities that include delivering immersive educational experiences, advocating for wildlife conservation, and adhering to the pinnacle of animal welfare standards, making them a deserving recipient for a 2023 Global Recognition Award. 

Carving a Unique Path in Wildlife Conservation and Education 
Distinctive innovation, exhibited by unique ventures like 'Look, It’s Louie,' and a steadfast commitment to conservation through participation in local projects, elevate their stance in the industry. Their elevation of education, via a plethora of programs aimed at enlightening regarding exotic animal conservation and biodiversity, strengthens their position as a unique and commendable organization in the field. 

Final Words 
In the woven tapestry of innovative conservation strategies, exhaustive educational programs, and an unwavering commitment to animal welfare, The Jungle Rangers Jungle Hut not only establishes itself as a paramount entity in wildlife conservation and education but also impeccably embodies the virtues and excellence that a 2023 Global Recognition Award aspires to recognize and honor. 




We're absolutely thrilled and honoured to announce that The Jungle Ranger has been recognised as a finalist for the Animal Star Awards2024 in the Animal Star over 18 category!

It's beyond words to express our gratitude for this incredible recognition. To be acknowledged among such talented and passionate individuals in the animal community is truly humbling.

This journey wouldn't be possible without the amazing support from all of you who believe in our mission and share our love for animals. Your encouragement fuels our dedication every single day.

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We are licensed under the Animal Welfare Act (2006) Licence for Activities Involving Animals Regulations (2018) as is required by law. 

​Anyone exhibiting animals in England must now be in possession of the new licence that ensures they are providing the correct high levels of animal welfare which is inspected by the local authority. ​As someone working within the industry we proved that we ensure the highest levels of health & safety with relevant inspections of the animals, enclosures, policies, insurances, risk assessments and procedures which were all thoroughly checked.


We are pleased to confirm we were awarded the highest 3 year licence.

Our licence number: 22/01504/ALACT

Anyone not displaying the licence is illegally trading in animals and should not be supported. 


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